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WITEE - Programmable Strategy Platform

The Last Piece of Puzzle in the Era of Decentralized Exchange

A Decentralized, Intelligent Multi-level Digital Currency Service Platform.
WITEE integrates multi-service modules with different levels and depths, such as real-time sharing of digital currency-related data, intelligent investment strategy supply, and digital asset investment escrow.
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Decentralized Super Smart Robo-advisor Service

WITEE is developed based on global digital currency transaction data, industrial flow and public opinion big data. WITEE mines, screens, analyzes and organizes intelligent data and builds an intelligent investment information sharing database. WITEE also provides digital currency investors and community co-builders with trustable, readable, usable, serviceable, semi-automated and robo-advisor information services.

Digital Currency Strategy Supermarket

WITEE provides a programmable strategy system by building a co-builder open platform. The database provides API services to co-builders. Co-builders can freely and flexibly design and launch trading strategies to WITEE Strategy Supermarket at any time. In addition, other users can customize their own proprietary investment plans according to their own needs.

Diversified Intelligent Investment Hosting Platform

Benefiting from the accumulation of big data in the blockchain industry and the deep intelligent operation of mining, the intelligent investment strategy and risk control system is born. It has been flexibly applied to insurance, financial management, lending, real estate and other financial fields and traditional industries, and even special events in a more objective and convenient way.Specific to digital asset investment, WITEE provides objective and efficient investment advice and strategies through intelligent analysis of industrial data upchain, and can further realize the automatic management of personal assets for investors through intelligent hosting.
What WITEE Can Do

Accurate and Effective Investment Data Sharing

Based on specialized data analysis, we can draw a series of readable and understandable data and pointers that are conducive to investment and trading strategy. We share this data for free forever.

Objective and Comprehensive Operational Advice

Robo-advisor advice can integrate the results of various data processing, provide objective analysis conclusions under different conditions, and provide investors with investment advice in different directions in real time.

Excellent Investment Strategy Supermarket

The strategy supermarket will collect and open various excellent investment strategies for all investors and reduce investment barriers. Investors can weigh their own assets and profit claims to select their own investment strategies.

Programmable and Open Strategy Platform

Co-builders can easily write personalized and exclusive strategies using the various data we provide.Co-builders can share with strategic supermarkets to allow more people to join your strategy and maximize strategic profits based on market trends.

Semi-automated Transaction Hosting

Robo-advisor has lightning speed in decision making and execution. It can help investors make accurate, complex, and effective investment decisions in a very short time and execute transactions quickly.

Highly Intelligent Private Investment Manager

Based on a highly intelligent and fully automated system construction, all investment strategies are intelligently analyzed and income forecast is carried out, and the corresponding investment strategies are selected and executed automatically for investors in accordance with the characteristics of personal assets.
Why Trust WITEE

Multi-dimensional Data Analysis and Processing System

We have established an intelligent big data analysis and pointer system to track, analyze, and collate data content, such as global digital currency transactions, public opinion and chain in real time, and perform specialized processing of data.
WTDCAAE - a big data transaction analysis engine and a professional analysis engine for digital currency market data;
WODCAAE, - a public opinion data acquisition and analysis system and a multi-platform and multi-dimensional tactile system;
WDCRME - a digital currency intelligent risk control engine and a digital currency market risk monitoring engine;
WBDMAAE - an intelligent monitoring and analysis engine for chain data, and a monitoring and analysis engine for a set of multi-chain and multi-dimensional chain data;

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Combining artificial intelligence with decentralized supercomputing capabilities, we have achieved significant results in multidimensional data analysis, risk management, and trading strategies.

Risk Management Engine

With the WITEE's multi-dimensional data analysis and processing system, our risk management engine can capture and identify potential risks and false information.
WITEE distinguishes bad transactions such as item fraud, price manipulation, insider trading and suspected money laundering in the field of digital currency trading one by one, to guard against the crime of network technology and purify the investment environment of digital assets.


WITEE issues WTE tokens based on the Ethernet ERC-20 Standard as WITEE eco-circulation tokens.
As the fuel of WITEE, WTE uses simulation consumption mechanism. For the system running, a series of operational instructions and transaction strategy need to be executed. Each operation instruction needs to consume a specified number of WTE as the transaction driver.


We use two sets of decentralized system mechanisms to balance the market price of WTE.
WTEHUB achieves WTE and ETH convertibility and uses WTECYCLE to achieve WTE repurchase and destruction. Refer to the White Paper for more on tokens and mechanisms.
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WITEE has 30 experts in the area of big data, machine learning, blockchain and trading, as well as technical engineers with enterprise-level solution experiences and growth hackers with marketing expertise.
Allen Yang (Taiwan) WITEE PROJECT SPONSOR Chairman of SunShine Energy Corp; 20 years of experience in marketing management of 5 multinational listed companies:
Foxconn Group (Taiwan)
Volcon Holdings (Singapore)
Jingcheng Technology (Taiwan)

David Wang LEAD DEVELOPER, TRADING STRATEGIES Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Congodia, Canada
· More than 10 years experience in high frequency trading and quantitative trading platform design
· Proficient in the software and hardware design of trading systems, design of the trading network, and design & implementation of trading strategies
·Designed the trading platform covering dozens of stock and futures markets in North America, Europe and Asia.

Uwe Zimmer FUND MANAGEMENT PARTNER AND ADVISOR With more than 30 years of financial market experience, Uwe is a veteran in the asset management industry. He has build up his vast expertise at Prudential Securities, as a director of Hypo Capital Management and at BB-PrivatFinanz-Service GmbH as well as the founder and CEO of Meridio Asset Management AG. In 2016 he started the Robo Advisor Fundamental Capital and z-invest GmbH which offers digitizing advisory services for the financial industry. Fundamental Capital is a digital asset management company, that creates an artificial intelligence driven, simple and high-performing investment experience for sophisticated customers, who are searching for above average return potential and digital excellence. By using quantitative models and artificial intelligence, Fundamental Capital has proven in the last three years, that it can outperform markets on a consistent basis. With that in mind, Fundamental Capital provides the easiest access to the best investments in the world and by that democratizes technologies that are usually used by hedge funds.
Wallace Tang MARKETING DIRECTOR · Former member of the Foxconn Group-related R& D& Technical Service team
· Served clients such as Apple, Nokia, Sony, etc., and has managed many listed companies for many years
· Focus on the blockchain for many years; participated in early angel investments

Boris Leong MEDIA OPERATIONS OFFICER Bachelor's degree in Digital Media Design, Ming Chuan University
· Proficient in English/Chinese
· Years of experience in media operations
· Created the Poseidon brand
· Successful media packaging promotion experience for cryptocurrency and blockchain

Chelsea Millar(Canada) Big Data Analyst Simon Fraser University Bachelor's degree in Applied and Engineering Sciences
· Bilingual (English/Chinese) skills
· Three years' experience in building multinational customer relationships
· Former partner of Wala Technologies, Vancouver
· Managing Bitcoin transactions and the Bitcoin mine in Vancouver

Zhang Shaoying PROJECT FINANCIAL ADVISOR ·Bachelor's degree in Computer Science of Huaqiao University
· Master's degree in Science (Financial Engineering), National University of Singapore Solid knowledge and experience in Oracle database development and Linux/Unix platform
· More than 18 years of experience in system design and development 14 years of experience in multinational supply chain solutions
Partners is a professional cryptocurrency market and public opinion data server provider headquartered in Wall Street, New York City. It tracks effective information generated by the cryptocurrency market in real time and provides users with professional and reliable index information by using the specific algorithm. In addition to the market index, 3BI fully complies with the characteristics of the digital cryptocurrency with the community as its core and takes the public opinion as the main reference index product.
IOB llc (IOB) is a limited liability company incorporated in Delaware, United States of America. Focusing on investing in regulated financial, compliance and technology companies, the ONE Finance Network (the Mesh) has created the world's first multi-jurisdiction-compliant public financial blockchain, which will eliminate commissions on all financial transactions. To help promote international investment standards, IOB is currently preparing its Interactive Crypto Offerings™ (ICOs) in several countries underscoring its ''STMO '' strategy for its interactive cryptographic products.IOB llc is investing actively in the US, China, Germany, India and the UK and plans to expand to other global financial centers.IOB llc is investing actively in the US, China, Germany, India and the UK and plans to expand to other global financial centers.
With a number of successful investments and a rapid growth in recent years, Deren Fund Investments has focused on regulated, authorized, legitimate and profitable blockchain investments."Strike a balance between innovation and supervision. Deren believes that apart from speed and passion, safety and fairness are the basis for the benign development of the complicated currency circle.Deren has been looking for win-win partners with unique vision and steady pace, and is confident of investment to WITEE.
Cui Jin Co., a professional investment management institution (IMI) established by senior experts. The company invests in traditional and emerging industries and innovative companies with the adaptation of mature international capital form and professional investment philosophy and methods. After years of development, it has invested in Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and many European countries.
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